Alatnica i plastika Mareš

More than 40 years of manufacturing plastic products for use in households, agriculture, horticulture and construction.

Timeline slika 1

The year when Mareš tool shop and plastics was founded. Mr. Mirko Mareš starts manufacturing tools for other companies, which is soon followed by manufacture for his own needs. They particularly stand out from the rest with the manufacture of toys for children.

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The turning point was the expansion of the manufacture to plastic products for agriculture and gardening. The Mareš tool shop and plastics completes its portfolio with a line of vases and flower boxes.

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Their strong entry into the gardening sector leads to the expansion of their business and the move to a new manufacturing facility with a surface area larger than 800m2.

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In order to improve the technological process, they are the first to acquire fully automated CNC injectors. Investing in technology and careful monitoring of the market leads to them connecting with a wide range of buyers.

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Dubravko Mareš takes over the management of manufacturing processes from his father.

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Mareš tool shop and plastics is dedicated to the further development of new products and to that effect, is equipping their manufacture with CNC machines.

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Proud of their 40-year-old history and business - from their first tools to the large production line of plastic products.

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The manufacture of the Mareš tool shop and plastics expands to the modernly equipped complex with a surface area of 800m2 and a storage area of 1000m2. They remain dedicated to investments and the development of new products with the aim to have strong growth and to develop a daily life with more quality for their customers.

Our process

The Mareš tool shop and plastics manufactures a wide range of plastic products for use in households, agriculture, economy, civil engineering and horticulture. The entire manufacture takes place in a modernly equipped manufacturing facility and a warehouse with a surface area of more than 1000m2. We are ready to respond to our customers’ requests in a very short amount of time.

Manufacture of tools

In its beginnings, the Mareš tool shop and plastics operated as a tool shop for the manufacture of injection tools. The growth of its business leads to its development into a manufacturer of plastic products. Long-term experience in the manufacture of tools and their continuous manufacture for own needs, as well as the manufacture of special tools for other companies bear witness to the quality and precision of Mareš products.